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Fusion 24 inch with Gallery frame

$ 21990.00
-$ 2000.00

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• Stitch regulation with precision control provides consistent stitch quality from 4 stitches per inch up 
to 24 stitches per inch 
• 20" of open quilting space: quilt from crib to king with ease 
• Fingertip controls allow you to switch quickly from manual mode to stitch-regulation mode 
• Built in adjustable LED lighting functions with menu control 
> Warm/Cool/Neutral or UV 
• Speeds up to 2200 precision stitches per minute 
• On-board video play-back system 
• Tilt-action, color-touch display screens (2) 
> Set your preferred settings 
> Full- and half-stitch settings 
> Needle position control 
> Stitch counters 
> Built in self-diagnostics 
> Video download and playback options 
> Download upgrades 
• Thread-break sensor 
• Integrated, adjustable laser light 
• Built-in connection point for HQ Micro Handles 


This model machine as now been updated with new features.

Led Light Ring

East Set Tension

Front Power Switch

Low Bobbin Estimator and alarm

Four Basting Stitch Options

Quilting Alarm & Project Timer

Three Manual Preset Speeds

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