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Bright Stripe Sweater and Beanie

$ 16.50

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30 Pretty Colourwork Knits for Girls.  Age range 4 to 10 years of age. This Bright Striped Sweater is for easy and intermediate knitting. Using 5 colours as per the picture is Main (M) aqua, 1st Contrast (C1) purple, 2nd Contrast (C2) pink, 3rd Contrast (C3) green and 4th Contrast lemon.  The Bright striped Beanie has been knitted in the same colours with 1 ball of each.

Years 4 and Fits underarm 60cm; M-3balls, C1-2balls, C2-2balls, C3-2balls, C4-1ball

Years 5 and Fits underarm 63cm; M-4balls, C1-2balls, C2-2balls, C3-2balls, C4-1ball

Years 6 and Fits underarm 65cm; M-4balls, C1-3balls, C2-2balls, C3-2balls, C4-1ball

Years 7 and Fits underarm 68cm; M-4balls, C1-3balls, C2-3balls, C3-3balls, C4-2balls

Years 8 and Fits underarm 70cm; M-5balls, C1-3balls, C2-3balls, C3-3balls, C4-2balls

Years 10 and Fits underarm 75cm; M-5balls, C1-3balls, C2-3balls, C3-3balls, C4-2ball

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