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Texture Lilac Jacket and accessories

$ 16.50

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30 Pretty Colourwork Knits for Girls.  Age range 4 to 10 years of age. For those girls that like to accessorise, here is a Tecture Lilac Jacket, Hat and bag.  These 3 colours, Main (M) Lilac, 1st Contrast (C1) white and 2nd Contrast (C2) purple.  The Hat take 2 balls of Lilac and only 1 ball each of white and purple, where as the Bag only takes 1ball of each colour.

Years 4 and Fits underarm 60cm; M- 6balls, C1- 2balls, C2- 2balls

Years 5 and Fits underarm 63cm; M- 6balls, C1- 2balls, C2- 2balls

Years 6 and Fits underarm 65cm; M- 6balls, C1- 2balls, C2- 2balls

Years 7 and Fits underarm 68cm; M- 7balls, C1- 3balls, C2- 3balls

Years 8 and Fits underarm 70cm; M- 7balls, C1- 3balls, C2- 3balls

Years 10 and Fits underarm 75cm; M- 8balls, C1- 3balls, C2- 3balls

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